Virginia Care Partners is driven by data to create actionable strategies to improve patient care coordination and control costs. Informed by these insights, VCPs clinical quality team partners with providers, practice staff and insurance carriers to align practice patterns that increase patient compliance of evidence-based preventive care, reduce high cost utilization, manage pharmacy spend, and improve care for those patients managing chronic conditions.

VCP’s success shows in the numbers*:

Commercial lives

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Lives

$1.2 Billion
Total Medical Spend

$18 Million
Commercial shared savings achieved since 2017


  • 50+ Providers serving in network leadership roles
  • 15 New performance measures developed by specialty-specific subcommittees

Cost and Quality

  • 7.7% Increase in Quality Performance
  • 8.9% Increase in preventive cancer screening
  • 14.5% Reduced rate of hospital readmissions
  • 4.2% Reduction in avoidable ED visits
  • 4.2% Increase in overall HCC code capture
  • 75% HCC recapture rate, best Humana performance in the market


  • 10 Million claims analyzed to identify actionable opportunities
  • 27,000 Referrals sent using CMR, VCP’s referral management dashboard increasing in-network utilization

*The numbers reflect data from 2019, unless otherwise stated.

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