ACO name and location

Virginia Care Partners ACO LLC
901 E. Cary Street
Suite 2100
Richmond, VA 23219

ACO primary contact

Gerard Filicko
(804) 887-2151

Organizational information

ACO participants:

ACO ParticipantsParticipating in Joint Venture
Prime Care Family Practice, PC N
Primary Care of West End LLC N
Retreat Internal Medicine LLC N
Appomattox River Medical LLC N
Premier Healthcare Associates, Inc. N
Family Practice Associates of Chesterfield PC N
June R. Tunstall MD PC N
Primary Health Group Inc N
Richard L. Hunley MD PC N
Family Practice Specialists of Richmond PC N
Kishor S Dabhi MD PC N
James River Internists LLC N
Healthvisions MD Inc. N
Vitalcare Family LLC N
Whole Health Physicians PC N

ACO governing body:

Member Last NameMember First NameMember PositionMember's Voting Power (Expressed as a percentage or number)Membership TypeACO Participant Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable
Siedlecki John MD/Chair 1 ACO participant Family Practice Specialists of Richmond, PC
Shah Amar MD/Vice Chair 1 ACO Participant Vitalcare Family LLC
Wysong Mark Secretary 1 Community Stakeholder Representative N/A
Bergamo Suzanne n/a 1 ACO Participant Primary Health Group, Inc
Bush James MD 1 ACO Participant Appomattox River Medical LLC
Dabhi Kishor MD 1 ACO Participant Kishor S Dabhi MD PC
Girton Tom n/a 1 Medicare beneficiary representative n/a
Kaundal Rishika MD 1 ACO Participant Family Practice Associates of Chesterfield PC

Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:

ACO Executive: Gerard Filicko

Medical Director: Amar Shah, MD

Compliance Officer: Julie Long

Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Alex Dieringer

Associated committees and committee leadership:

Committee NameCommittee Leader Name and Position
Board of Mangers Committee John Siedlecki, MD - Chair
Membership Committee Glenn Giessel, MD - Chair
Performance Committee James Bush, MD - Chair
Quality Committee Kishor Dabhi, MD - Chair

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO:

  • Networks of individual practices of ACO professionals

Shared savings and losses

Amount of shared savings/losses

  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2019; $1,092,207.69

Shared savings distribution

  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2019
      • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 34%
      • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 26%
      • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 40%

Quality performance results

2019 quality performance results:

ACO #Measure NameRateACO Mean
ACO-1 CAHPS: Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information 86.16 85.86
ACO-2 CAHPS: How Well Your Providers Communicate 93.87 94.11
ACO-3 CAHPS: Patients’ Rating of Provider 92.67 92.69
ACO-4 CAHPS: Access to Specialists 81.31 81.54
ACO-5 CAHPS: Health Promotion and Education 55.00 60.44
ACO-6 CAHPS: Shared Decision Making 60.76 62.78
ACO-7 CAHPS: Health Status/Functional Status 74.65 73.79
ACO-34 CAHPS: Stewardship of Patient Resources 22.80 26.17
ACO-45 CAHPS: Courteous and Helpful Office Staff 93.39 92.84
ACO-46 CAHPS: Care Coordination 86.60 86.89
ACO-8 Risk Standardized, All Condition Readmission 14.66 14.86
ACO-38 All-Cause Unplanned Admissions for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions 59.10 58.15
ACO-43 Ambulatory Sensitive Condition Acute Composite (AHRQ* Prevention Quality Indicator (PQI #91)) 1.52 1.87
ACO-13 Falls: Screening for Future Fall Risk 80.72 84.04
ACO-14 Preventive Care and Screening: Influenza Immunization 87.34 74.77
ACO-17 Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention 96.15 78.04
ACO-18 Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Depression and Follow-up Plan 60.32 70.40
ACO-19 Colorectal Cancer Screening 78.59 70.76
ACO-20 Breast Cancer Screening 82.40 73.84
ACO-42 Statin Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease 80.09 82.17
ACO-27 Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control (>9%) 9.07 13.88
ACO-28 Controlling High Blood Pressure 77.08 75.04

*Please note, the ACO-40 Depression Remission at 12 months quality measure is not included in public reporting due to low sample size

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