Dr. Maggie Lincoln was born and raised in Richmond. She had a feeling that one day she’d end up back here, where most of her large extended family lives. She went to St. Catherine’s for 13 years and then to William and Mary where she played lacrosse for 5 years. After returning to Richmond for medical school at VCU, she moved to Savannah, Georgia, for her residency, where she met her husband within 2 months. Now she’s excited to be back home in Richmond – a place where there are seasons, where outdoor activities (such as running and biking) are the norm, and where there is an amazing food scene. And how fun is it that one of the hospitals where she’s delivering babies (St. Mary’s) is where she was born?! Part of the reason why Dr. Lincoln loves being an OB/GYN so much is how much variety there is on a day-to-day basis: you can go from a 32-week prenatal visit in one room to an annual visit in the next. She gravitates towards obstetrics, and, in particular, feels very comfortable with high-risk obstetric patients. She loves delivering babies and working on the Labor & Delivery unit, where you never know what may come through the door next. Dr. Lincoln is also very passionate about contraception education, and she enjoys working with and taking care of young women who are just reaching the age of needing to see a gynecologist.


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