Workplace health initiatives, designed to support healthy behavior through promotion and benefit design, are viewed as strategic investments that are important in maintaining a productive, present workforce and critical in controlling healthcare costs. Virginia Care Partners believes that the key to a successful program is the involvement of a high performing provider network governed by physicians.

VCP’s network of more than 850 providers includes a large primary care base of internists, family practice physicians and pediatricians. They serve as the cornerstone of our network, promoting good health and disease prevention as well as programs that provide the best care for your employees in managing an episodic illness or chronic disease. Your employees will be part of a collaborative network that is constantly evolving to provide them with the best medicine at any point in their health care journey.

VCP's care delivery solutions connect employees to primary care physicians who will assist patient in understanding and managing their health. When patients understand their health care system, and are equipped with the information to successfully navigate their health care needs, they are much more likely to stay healthy.

Preventive Services

Connections to Preventive Care

  • Increase access to high-performing primary care physicians
  • Create enduring patient/physician relationships
  • Identify, validate and address Gaps in Care

Pathways to Health

  • Customize workplace wellness offerings to meet individualized employee and employer needs both onsite and online
  • Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism through coordinated management of episodic and chronic conditions

Care Management Services

Delivered by dedicated Nurse Care Managers in collaboration with VCP Primary Care Physicians:

Transitions of Care

  • Smooth transition from hospital to home
  • Improve recovery through active follow up and coordination of care
  • Reduce readmissions and complications

Chronic Disease Care Management

  • Individualize physician-directed Coordinated Care Plan
  • Increase self-management through team approach and clinical support
  • Reduce risks, complications and hospitalizations