Virginia Care Partners is built on a foundation of evidence-based medicine. Network physician committees monitor clinical quality metrics and hold each other accountable to meet performance goals based on these measures. The quality data is collected on all patients under participating physicians’ care, from ambulatory to inpatient and outpatient metrics from the hospital. The Performance data provides the roadmap for the network to evolve and focus on areas for improvement.

Virginia Care Partners brings together payors, provider practices and the HCA Virginia hospital system to increase communication among stakeholders. We understand the varied operations and workflow of these groups. We use this knowledge to align priorities and increase opportunities to address patient needs across the spectrum.

Enhancing Employer Partnerships

As a partner in caring for your members, VCP offers customizable workplace programs that serve employers and their employees more transparently and efficiently. These include programs that connect employees to primary care physicians, who can help them manage their healthcare needs, as well as more integrated services, including Transitions of Care and Chronic Disease Care Management.

Gaps in Care -- Bridging the Gap between Data and Outcomes

Making sure patients receive the complete cycle of care based on their individual medical needs is essential to improving outcomes. Our nurse care managers analyze reports based on claims data to determine if there is a gap in care, and then work closely with the participating practices to recommend and coordinate follow up care.