What is Virginia Care Partners ACO, LLC?

Virginia Care Partners was founded in 2013 by independent and HCA-employed physicians throughout the Richmond metro area to provide more coordinated quality care for their patients. Since that time, Virginia Care Partners has secured value-based contracts with insurance carriers on behalf of the participating physicians to improve quality of care while managing costs.   

In 2008, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a value-based contracting reimbursement model that allowed the creation of multiple new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) across the country. These ACOs encourage healthcare providers to focus on preventive medicine, deliver the best quality care, and keep populations healthy at the most reasonable cost.

Based on success in our contracts for patients under 65 , Virginia Care Partners’ physician-led Board of Managers established the Virginia Care Partners ACO, LLC and was granted a Medicare contract by CMS to manage care for beneficiaries over 65 starting July 1, 2019.  

The Virginia Care Partners ACO is made up of 22 Richmond-based primary care practices managing care for close to 23,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

What being an ACO Beneficiary means to you

As a beneficiary of Virginia Care Partners ACO, your care is our priority. Our doctors are measured on preventive measures, management of chronic illnesses, and their overall level of quality care. They are consistently updated on how they are performing and provided with strategies to improve.

Virginia Care Partners ACO combines medical data and quality initiatives to give our doctors the knowledge and resources to not only take care of you when you’re sick, but to keep you healthy and living life to the fullest.

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